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where spirit meets intuition


where spirit meets intuition


The Spark Resides In The Places In Between

The divine spark is within all of us. Your spark gets ignited wanting to create and inspire your own happiness, creativity, healing, clarity, ease, validation, comfort, support you get the gist! This inspiration comes from direct connection & communication from Source, our own spirit, angels & guides. Getting connected to your intuition, angels & guides is an important part of igniting that spark within you. Whether you want to learn how to develop your own intuition, learn how your spirit & angels inspire & communicate with you or would like a personal reading, my guides Archangel Michael and Japanese Goddess Benzaiten (the goddess of everything that flows, water & fortune/ wealth) are here to help you ignite your own spark.



I’m Valerie

Angels are here to guide us in all areas of life including relationships, work, love, and money. Their wisdom is one that is always available to us; all we need to do is ask. What are you waiting for? Get Connected & ask!

Connect With Me

30 Minute Reading

This is a great place to start, if you have a few questions you’d like clarity and guidance on, or want a quick “check- in” with your angels and loved ones. It can give you an idea of what to expect in a session. 

45 Minute Reading

This is great if you have specific questions or a specific issue. It’s a great idea to have your list of questions made before the call, so you get the most of your time!

60 Minute Reading

In a 60 minute reading, you will be able to go more in depth with specific questions answered, spend more time hearing from your loved ones and angels, but there is also time available to get some information, or “tell me what I need to know”. In a 60 minute reading, it is also possible to connect with and hear from your own guides, teachers, and angels.


"Valerie's guidance has been invaluable on my journey! Our sessions are always full of laughter and information! My practice wouldn't be as powerful as it is without her guidance!"

Angie – Crystal Lake, IL

"Since meeting Valerie, I have had several channeled readings with her. These experiences have changed my life in a very positive way. Her clarity, humour and loving nature assist the presence of the Archangels. Through her I received messages from my parents who recently passed from the physical. The words my parents relayed to me through Archangel Michael have been so healing for me"

Norma  – Calgary, AB Canada

"Val Wood is an astounding person. She is a caring individual who uses her talents to provide comfort, enlightenment, and encouragement. The first time I met Val I had never heard of an Angel Channel. I walked into the room she was holding her sessions in and immediately felt the powerful energy that was present. When she connected with Archangel Michael there were definite changes in her presence. My conversation with Michael was an experience I will always remember. He knew things about my life that no one else had knowledge of and was not shy in sharing his opinions of how I could/should improve my life."

Irene – Carpentersville, IL 

Valerie Wood is a compassionate, gifted teacher and has guided me through the many ups and downs in life. I am grateful for her knowledge, insight and the compassion in which she and her Team have enlightened and transformed my own personal journey over the years.

Karen – Elgin, IL

After knowing Valerie Wood for a very short time, upon meeting her, I felt that I have known her forever. Her lightness of spirit, her loving kindness, graciousness, compassion, support radiate through her and touch those around her in a very beautiful way. A very effervescent energy bubbles around and flows through her. The depth of her intuitiveness and insights is miraculous. She is truly a brilliant star shining her light on everyone.

Charmaine – AB Canada

It has been several years since I first met Val Wood. At that time, she gave me a reading that was very true and to the point, but in the middle of it she named a person who had recently died and gave me a meaningful message from her. Right there and then I became convinced of her genuine ability to channel from beyond our current consciousness. Val and I had never met and she knew nothing about me except what was going on between us at the moment. Since then, when I feel I need help, I call on her and am never disappointed.

Gene – Blue Ridge, Georgia



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